Wim den Herder (Voorschoten, 20 december 1983)

Wim den Herder was born in Voorschoten, a village near Leiden and The Hague. He grew up in a musical family. His father Frank den Herder studied classical piano and cello and works at the conservatory of The Hague. On a very early age Wim got familiar with a little violin and played piano. But he definately broke with the classical traditions when he heard the electric guitar for the first time.

Foto van den Boogaert Voorschoten 2004


In 1996 Wim got the chance to play with his guitarhero Jan Akkerman on national television. The tv-program 'Geef Nooit Op' made this possible, fullfilling children's wishes. The guitarbuilder of Akkerman that time was very enthusiastic about Wim's playing and asked him to join a national guitar contest. Despite the young age (13 years) Wim won the National Guitar Awards in 1997 with ao. a song called "Happy Wim ". Guitarbuilder Robbert de Vos build a special guitar for Wim. This achievement was followed by invitations for Spijkers and a live performance with Leonardo Amuedo in Veronica's Call-TV. In the following period Wim played with his brother Bas in the band Narf and recorded a Demo-cd in 1999. In 2001 Wim met two musicians who shared interest in the music of computergames and together they set up the Nintendo-cover band Cursor. The band had many gigs and an original website. In the composed music of the later project Paroxysm some Nintendo-influences are remarkable. Though Wim always had strong roots in the blues. Gary Moore was since his youth an inspiring guitarist for Wim and they had a meeting backstage at North Sea Jazz 1999. In 2003 Wim started his study Guitar Jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He had lessons from Martien Oster, Martijn van Iterson, Jesse van Ruller en Maarten van der Grinten. In Amsterdam Wim went to jamsessions and met bassvirtuoso Johnny Tevreden. During the past years Wim's playing got more noticable because of the technical achievements that he ao. showed in a video where he plays along with Oscar Peterson (recorded in 2005). See 'Learn'
In a music-duo with his father Wim recorded a live performance for friends in 2004. The CD is recorded in own productions and is called 'Wim & Frank den Herder - live unplugged'. In september 2006 Wim decided to study mathematics, but to continue with the conservatory as well.
In december of 2007 Harry Sacksioni invited Wim to play on his City Talent Tour in 8 cities.
In 2008 Wim graduated at the conservatory of Amsterdam and one week later he recorded a professional DVD with his trio in the UBF studios in Hilversum. In the summer of 2008 Wim was invited at the Festival Lowlands and at the science-party ' Discovery '08 ' to give a workshop about mathematical structures in music. In August of 2008 Wim appeared on Harry Sacksioni's CD.

Wim (12 years) en Jan Akkerman in 'Geef Nooit Op', RTL 4 1997.